GM and Ford see small potential for hybrids in Europe

GM and Ford sees small potential for hybrids in Europe

In a market dominated my diesels, GM sees very little demand for hybrid cars in Europe. According to Rita Forst, GM Powertrain Europe’s head of product engineering, GM sees little demand for hybrids in Europe.

Forst said that GM will concentrate on offering cars with micro and mild hybrid systems for Europe to increase fuel-economy and reduce CO2 emissions. Unlike full-blown hybrids, micro and mild hybrids use features such as stop-start technology to help improve fuel-economy.

Forst said that GM’s alliance with Daimler and BMW will concentrate on producing full-hybrids for the U.S. market only. Full-hybrids, or GM’s two-mode hybrid cars can run on electric power alone.

However, according to Forst GM has not ruled out selling full-hybrid cars in Europe if there is demand. Forst said there is potential to improve the fuel efficiency of gasoline engines to the same level as diesel engines.

Another American automaker, Ford, has also said that it will not sell a hybrid car in Europe in the near future. Ford said that it will instead concentrate on stop-start systems, better aerodynamics and low rolling resistance tires to make their cars more fuel efficient.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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