Photo Renderings: Volkswagen Passat four-door-coupe

Photo Rendering: Volkswagen Passat four-door-coupe

Based on the latest prototype that has been spotted of the upcoming Volkswagen Passat four-door-coupe, we have obtained some new photo renderings of the car from designer Christian Schulte. We’ve been hunting for as much as information we can get on this upcoming Mercedes CLS inspired car but official details remain sketchy.

What we know so far is that the Passat four-door coupe is expected to be powered by the same engine variants as the original Passat; which we find a bit disappointing. Expected to come in as a 2009 model late next year, the Passat four-door coupe is estimated to be priced between $35,000 to $45,000. It will hit markets before it’s Volkswagen premium brand Audi, launches their take on the four-door-coupe segment with the Audi A7.

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On the front, the Passat four-door-coupe will feature twin-headlights with a chrome grille. Interior quality is said to be superior to the regular Passat”s with more equipment as standard. The car will be more saloon looking than a coupe to allow for a more spacious interior with the rear passengers getting figure-hugging seats.

Another cool feature is the integrated tailgate which is put together by a double-hinged device and powered by a button. If you push the button once, the lower lid will lift. Push it twice, and the rear window will swing skyward like a station-wagon rear end.

Volkswagen says that it is hoping to target family car buyers looking for an affordable CLS style car. We can expect to see the first version of the Passat four-door-coupe at the Geneva Motor Show.


Photo Rendering: Volkswagen Passat four-door-coupe:

Photo Rendering: Volkswagen Passat four-door-coupe Photo Rendering: Volkswagen Passat four-door-coupe 


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