Mitsubishi hints at future U.S. models

Besides the Mitsubishi Lancer, it’s no surprise that Mitsubishi’s lineup in the U.S. isn’t very exciting and since U.S. dealers weren’t very impressed with the sketches of the 2009 Galant and Endeavor crossover redesign, plans may be taking a new course.

CEO Osamu Masuko spoke to the press at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show two weeks ago saying that Mitsubishi is “…looking at the direction we will take regarding new models. The U.S. is the biggest market. We are going to strengthen our position there.”

According to sources, the Mitsubishi Concept ZT and the Concept-cX are hints of what Mitsubishi has planned for the U.S.

The Mitsubishi Concept-ZT is powered by a 2.2 liter clean diesel engine that allows it to produce 188 horsepower. The engine is mated with a Twin Clutch SST transmission that is found in the new Lancer Evolution.

The Mitsubishi Concept-cX joins the new segment of compact crossover SUVs and uses, what Mitsubishi says, is a high-output, high-efficiency 1.8 liter clean diesel engine, featuring a variable geometry turbocharger and a diesel oxidation catalyst. The engine is also mated with Mitsubishi”s new Twin Clutch SST sporty transmission.

Currently the new Mitsubishi Lancer and Outlander are the only two models keeping Mitsubishi’s sales somewhat decent looking.

“We will not weaken our position in the United States,” Masuko said. “We have to provide our dealers with hope.”


Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Gallery:

Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT Mitsubishi Concept-ZT


Mitsubishi Concept-cX Gallery:

Mitsubishi Concept-cX   Mitsubishi Concept-cX   Mitsubishi Concept-cX  Mitsubishi Concept-cX  Mitsubishi Concept-cX   Mitsubishi Concept-cX Mitsubishi Concept-cX 


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