Ford CEO: Ford to dramatically simplify lineup

It’s about time. Alan Mulally, Ford’s CEO, said that Ford will dramatically reduce the number of vehicles in its lineup in order cut costs and make it easier for customers to decide on which Ford to buy

“We’re going to have what the customer wants, packaged the way they want it,” Mulally told Automotive News on Friday. Ford vehicles will have fewer options and more standard features, said Mulally.

Mulally said that reducing its lineup will cut costs and engineering and management time for Ford as well as make it easier for customers to decide on a Ford model that fits their needs. That will also allow dealers to have more models on hand that customers want to purchase.

Mulally says that simplifying the lineup of models and options can generate a faster return for Ford instead of selling the same car models across the globe.

“You can dramatically transform that product line over a very short time,” Mulally told Automotive News.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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