Toyota exec gets mad about next Prius delay rumors

Toyota exec gets mad about next Prius delay rumors

Watch out, it’s Executive Vice President Masatami Takimoto (sounds like he can kick your ass), and he seems pretty angry. What is he mad about? Well you remember that report by the Wall Street Journal, that the next-generation Toyota Prius will be delayed due to safety problems with the lithium-ion battery?

Takimoto denied that there is any delays on the next-generation Prius and said that everything is going smoothly. He also said that the next-generation Prius won’t need a lithium-on battery since the nickel-metal battery is well-suited for the car and that the popular hybrid car can offer better mileage just by improving its parts and motor.

“I never said there was any delay,” Takimoto told The Associated Press at the reception for the Tokyo Motor Show. “Work on the next-generation Prius and work on the next-generation lithium-ion battery are both moving forward according to our plan,”

Takimoto declined to give any dates on exactly when the next-generation Prius will come out.

Takimoto said that lithium-on batteries are better suited for other cars such as a plug-in hybrid.

The advantages of the lithium-ion battery, how it’s rechargeable and packs more power in a smaller size, will be “more fun” in a plug-in or an electric car, he said.

Note: Picture above is of the Toyota Hybrid X Concept.


Source: The Detroit News

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