Honda promising cheapest hybrid model ever

According to AutoCar, Honda is promising to introduce an all new global hybrid car that will make the gasoline-electric technology more affordable to consumers. Expected to arrive in the UK around 2009, the £14,000 ($28,693) hybrid will be a family hatchback. Of course, it’s not going to cost $28,693 in the U.S. when pricing is officially released

Sources say the car will take styling cues from the Honda Small Hybrid Sports concept seen at Geneva earlier this year, although it will be a little bigger in size and proportions. Like the Honda Insight, the cheap global hybrid will be a separate model instead of a variant from the current Honda lineup.

“Hybrid is the most appropriate technology for small cars,” said Honda Europe President Shigera Tokagi, “making a global small hybrid will make it more affordable than existing hybrids.”

Honda is hoping that its cheap global hybrid will help it boost its hybrid sales. The Japanese auto maker hopes to sell 200,000 units around the world per year.

The company wants the new model to massively boost its hybrid sales. It hopes to sell 200,000 of them a year around the world. On the other hand, Honda has sold 200,000 hybrids from 1999 to the end of last year.


Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept Gallery:



Source: AutoCar

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