Honda Civic Type-R diesel is on the way

Word on the street is that Honda is planning a diesel powered Civic Type-R. According to AutoCar, Honda’s top powertrain engineer, Kenichi Nagahiro, the Japanese auto maker is planning a diesel powered version of the 140 horsepower high-performance Civic.

“As long as it is in keeping with the Type-R brand we will do it.” he told Autocar. “But high revving has to be part of it and that’s what we’re working on.”

The variant will most likely be called the Civic Type-R D and is expected to be powered by a 2.2 liter diesel that will produce 180 horsepower along with 320 lb-ft. of torque. More efficient – more power. Bring it on; and please bring it to the U.S. already.

2007 Honda Civic Type-R Gallery:


Source: AutoCar

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