Daimler: Mass production of fuel cell cars by 2015

Daimler: Mass production of fuel cell cars by 2015

That should be enough time right? Daimler AG said that it plans to start mass production of fuel cell vehicles in less than 10 years.

“By 2012 or 2015, we will be technologically well-advanced and in a position to produce cost-effective cars, comparable to those with other technologies,” Christian Mohrdieck, Daimler’s director of fuel cell system development, said at a conference last month.

Yes, that means GM is way ahead of the game with a fuel-cell powertrain promised for 2010.

Due to strict government regulations that are being forced to be implemented, automakers are looking for ways to reduce their reliance on fossil fuels. As one alternative fuel cell cars are powered by electricity generated through a chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

Daimler showed its first fuel cell car in 1994 called the Necar 1. That was followed by different version of the Necars. Daimler currently displays its F-Cell (pictured above) F600 car at various auto shows. According to Automotive News, Daimler has tested 100 fuel cell models that have been driven more than 2.23 million miles.

Hyundai has said that it plans to begin mass production of its fuel cell car between 2012 and 2015. The Korean automaker displayed the i-Blue fuel-cell concept at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

GM has sent out 100 test vehicles to customers for its fuel cell program. The Chevrolet Equinox SUVs and the Chevrolet Volt are expected to hit the roads in 2010.

Honda’s FCX hydrogen fuel cell car has already been first car to meet government requirements in such a way that it will get an amazing $12,000 tax credit.

Toyota also sent two SUVs with fuel cell technology last month on a 347 mile trip.

BMW is also giving its Hydrogen 7, to celebrities, politicians, and VIPs for testing.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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