2008 Maybach models get a $3,500 price jump

2008 Maybach models get a $3,500 price jump

Despite sluggish sales of the Maybach lineup, Mercedes has decided to increase pricing of 2008 models. The 2008 Maybach 57 now starts at $341,750 while the 2008 Maybach 62 S carries a price tag of $432,250. Both models receive an increase of $3,500 over the outgoing 2007 models.

That puts the Maybach brand to compete with the Rolls-Royce Phantom sedan which starts at $342,000. The 2008 57 S now begins at $381,250, while the Maybach 62 starts at $392,750.

While Mercedes-Benz set an annual target of 500 Maybachs when it debuted in 2003, dealers have sold only 778 cars up until July of 2007.

Mercedes-Benz has been slowly killing the number of Maybach franchises by more than half. 29 of Maybach”s original 71 United States dealers have given up on Maybach.

While it may seem like Mercedes is getting rid of the Maybach brand from U.S. soil, there have been talks of expanding the lineup and offering cheaper and smaller models. There have been rumors of a smaller Maybach that will be closer to the S600, although pricing will keep up with Maybach standards. There have also been rumors of a Maybach version of the GL-Class as well as a convertible based on the Ocean Drive Concept, which originally started its life as a Maybach.


Source: InsideLine

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