Hippies Rejoice: VW to bring back the iconic Camper?

It may sound strange but AutoExpress reports that Volkswagen and British rock group, The Who, have joined forces to revive the German auto makers Volkswagen Camper. The Who, who recently celebrated the Camper’s 60th birthday in Hanover, Germany in front of 40,000 fans, were immediately contacted by Volkswagen executives from Germany and the UK.

The lead guitarist of the band, Pete Townshend, revealed that he still has one Volkswagen Camper in his garage that is rotting away. He also said that him and the Volkswagen executives sat down and discussed the possibility of producing a next-generation of the iconic van, where he would be the first to take delivery.

If you remember the Microbus concept (pictured above) that the company revealed at the 2001 Detroit Auto Show, Volkswagen said that it would never go into production since it would be too expensive to make. Now it seems that with the Up! concept, for which a minivan variant will be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show, along with the Microbus concept, will be the basis for a new Volkswagen Camper.

AutoExpress said that the redesigned version will have the same retro look as the old models. However Volkswagen will not offer too many options in the next-generation Camper in order to keep costs down and make it more appealing to buyers with a tight budget. Volkswagen says that production will take place in the U.S. and the van will be badged the ‘Bulli’ for the North American market.

Volkswagen executives are saying that unless sales are able to reach 100,000 units a year, they don’t feel the project would be worth taking on.

AutoExpress also said that The Who’s classing song ‘The Magic Bus’ will be the theme for any TV, radio or internet commercials.


Source: AutoExpress

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