Video: Audi R8 ‘The slowest car we’ve ever built’ Commercial

Video: Audi R8 'The slowest car we've ever built' Commercial

So remember yesterday we told you about a new campaign Audi is working on for the Audi R8 called “The slowest car we’ve ever built.” Well here is the commercial itself.

“We wanted to make a film which made the process of constructing an R8 as beautiful as the car itself,” explains Richard McGrann of Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH), who developed the commercial. The effect captures the workers’ movement through time — each frame measures a point in time compressed into one shot.

If anyone is wondering the soundtrack in the commercial is from folk singer Simone White’s new album I am the Man, and the song is called ‘The Beep Beep’

Click through for the video.