Chrysler looking for partner to build Dodge Demon and Hornet

According to Inside Line, two Chrysler executives have confirmed that the company is looking for a partner to help produce small vehicles including the Dodge Demon roadster and the Dodge Hornet compact SUV. However both executives have clearly said that the partner wont by Chrysler’s Chinese partner, Chery.

Simon Elliott, president and CEO of Chrysler Group China Sales Ltd., recently told The Wall Street Journal that Chrysler is looking to gain market in the small-car segment in China, since it is the largest volume area in the country. However he did mention that Chery will not be Chrysler’s partner and that Chrysler is looking for a partner that can offer price and quality.

Chrysler’s top designer, Trevor Creed, also said that Chery would not be Chrysler’s partner in producing the B-segment Hornet. In an interview with Edmunds’ AutoObserver at Frankfurt in September, Creed said that Chery’s platforms were not a fit for the Hornet.

Originally, Chrysler was said to be working with Chery on a version of Chery’s A1 model that would be utilized as the basis for the Hornet in Europe and U.S.

Chrysler has now been rumored to be in talks with Hyundai and Mitsubishi on future projects.


Source: Inside Line

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