Audi helping Bentley with Arnage Hybrid for 2010?

Everyone is pretty excited about the total Bentley Arnage redesign scheduled for 2010 (U.S. debut will come in 2011). And as we told you before that the engineers at Bentley are hoping to make the Arnage a little ‘greener’ by using  lighter components, rather than produce a gas guzzling luxury car.

According to AutoCar, Audi will be helping out a great deal to address the green issues. The next-generation Bentley Arnage is expected to be built on aluminium spaceframe chassis made by Audi, skinned with aluminium panels.

Of course, the car will still be powered by Bentley’s 6.75 liter V8 engine. But Audi may help by adding its new quattro hybrid gear or the hybrid transmission that is being developed for the Q7 hybrid SUV.

According to Bentley, their first green push and environmentally-friendly thinking will be displayed at the 2008 Geneva motor show.

Bentley boss Franz-Josef Paefgen has previously told AutoCar that the next-generation Arnage is the biggest challenge for Bentley since the 1930s.

“This will be a totally independent car,” he said. “It will not be like the Continental, a derivative of a VW Group product, although it will use components from the group.”


Source: AutoCar

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