Spy Shots: 600hp BMW M5 twin-turbo spotted again

Spy Shots: 600hp BMW M5 twin-turbo spotted again

You’re probably thinking, “Wow that’s one crazy looking front bumper.” And there is a really good reason why this M5 has what seems like four intakes. Of course more intakes mean more air to cool a powerful engine under the hood. This BMW M5 is said to be fitted with a V10 twin-turbo engine producing close to 600 horsepower.

While nothing has been confirmed, previous photographers who’ve caught this beast undergoing high-speed testing said that the engine sounded more powerful than the regular M5.

If produced this would be BMW’s stab at the Audi RS6 Avant which produces 580 horsepower (understating the true figure of 600hp).


Source: MSN (via CarScoop)

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