Aston Martin DBS gets ‘Rear of the Year’ Award

Aston Martin DBS gets 'Rear of the Year' Award

Yes they actually have these awards for cars. The Aston Martin DBS has been named the ‘Rear of the Year’ in a poll put together for the prestige MPH ’07 motor show that will be hosted by the Top Gear boys early next month.

The bootilicious boot of the DBS was followed by the Bugatti Veyron’s rear-end, which was closely followed by the voluptuous back-side of the Alfa Romeo Competizione. At the bottom of the list was the too big and flat back-side of the Fiat 500.

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Press Release:


Shove over Sian, clear off Charlotte and relax Robbie, there’s a new ‘rear of the year’ in town, and this one has a licence to thrill ““ the brand new Aston Martin DBS.

In fact, when it comes to car boot-ilicious ‘architecture’, the rounded rump of James Bond’s latest steed has such universal head-turning appeal that it was voted top of the bots in a rear of the year competition for the Jeremy Clarkson-fronted prestige motor show, MPH ’07.

Combined, more men and women plumped for the peachy Aston Martin DBS’ backside, putting it a tush ahead of rivals. Behind it were rear-end rivals, the awesome Bugatti Veyron closely followed by Alfa Romeo’s gorgeous 8C Competizione. Bottom of the pile, however, was the cheeky Fiat 500.

More than 1260 people took part in the NewCarNet online survey, revealing a fascinating peek into the minds of posterior-peekers. In a surprise outcome women were more excited about the Bugatti’s buns than men, who were more turned on by the refined ass on the Aston.

Show director at MPH ’07, Lee Masters, said: “Next month’s show is the first time that UK petrol heads can see the Aston Martin DBS in the flesh. We’ll also be giving show goers the first glimpse of the Jaguar XK along with every 200mph+ production car in the world. Throw in the most famous car critics in the country ““ Jeremy, Richard and James ““ for a 75-minute live action theatre and you’ll understand why we think we’ve got one of the best days out in town.”

MPH ’07 runs at Earls Court from 1-4 November and then at Birmingham’s NEC from 8-11 November. Tickets are priced from £23 and available via or by calling the ticket hotline 0871 230 0333.

   1. Aston Martin DBS / Bugatti Veyron
   2. Bugatti Veyron / Aston Martin DBS
   3. Audi R8 / Alfa 8C Competizione
   4. Jaguar XK / Audi R8
   5. Alfa 8C Competizione / Jaguar XK
   6. Maserati Quattroporte / Maserati Quattroporte
   7. Honda Type R / BMW 3-Series Coupe
   8. Fiat 500 / Honda Type R
   9. BMW 3-Series Coupe / Volvo C30
  10. Volvo C30 / Fiat 500



Source: AutoBlog

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