LA Design Challenge Robocar 2057: Toyota Biomobile

Toyota Biomobile Mecha

For the 2007 LA Design Challenge Robocar 2057, Calty Design Research Inc. will present their Toyota Biomobile Mecha. The Toyota Biomobile basically uses pollutants in our air and uses them as an energy source to power itself.

Click through to read read their explanation and to view the images of the Toyota Biomobile.

“It is the year 2057 and due to limited ground space, vertical architectures have caused the transportation industry to create new pathways that also explore vertical space.

An innovative solution is discovered in biomimicry. Inspired by life found in nature, the vehicle is powered by pollution with dynamic driving instincts and structural adaptations to accommodate the user’s need for space.

This vehicle’s unique capability to extract pollutants in the air and utilize it as an energy source restores balance to our atmosphere. It is able to autonomously adapt to its driving environment by utilizing its four nano-laser wheels. Nanotechnology also enables the structure of the vehicles to expand and contract horizontally and vertically to serve as a compact commuter, an aerodynamic performance vehicles and temporary dwelling.”

Toyota Biomobile Mecha Gallery:

Toyota Biomobile Mecha Toyota Biomobile Mecha Toyota Biomobile Mecha Toyota Biomobile Mecha Toyota Biomobile Mecha Toyota Biomobile Mecha 


Source: LA Auto Show

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