LA Design Challenge Robocar 2057: Nissan OneOne

Nissan OneOne

Nissan Design America will present their Nissan OneOne for the 2007 the 2007 LA Design Challenge Robocar 2057. The team says that the Nissan OneOne is a sports car and a family pet in one. The car will act like sports car when needed and will be able to bring your kids back from soccer practice just time for dinner.

Click through to read their description and to check out the images of the Nissan OneOne.

“In the year 2057 robots have become an integral part of our lives blurring the line between humans and machines. The Nissan OneOne is the ultimate pet; a friendly, helpful member of the family of the future. OneOne (pronounced “won-won” an endearing Japanese description for a barking dog) takes care of every aspect of the family’s busy lives from retrieving dry cleaning and groceries, to tending to the children. Guided by a real time GPS network OneOne can take the children safely to school, soccer practice and back home in time for dinner.

OneOne takes mobility to a new level using synthetic muscles in its “legs,” it propels itself along by skating, much like you would on a pair of rollerblades. From performance car to city car, it lies down for speed or stands up for better visibility, allowing for more nimble navigation and easier parking.

OneOne fulfills every need, from dutiful pet to spirited sports car in a design that makes it a welcomed member of the family.”

Nissan OneOne Gallery:

 Nissan OneOne Nissan OneOne Nissan OneOne Nissan OneOne 


Source: LA Auto Show

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