Tokyo Preview: Toyota i-Real Concept

Tokyo Preview: Toyota i-Real Concept

Continuing with the endless concepts from Toyota this morning we now bring you the i-Real. Toyota says that the i-Real is ‘is a personal mobility vehicle made closely in human scale as a step toward commercialization in the near future.’

The i-Real is the latest stage of Toyota’s personal mobility vehicles development which started with the i-Unit in 2004 and the i-Swing in 2005. In low-speed mode the i-Real shortens its wheelbase in order to easily maneuver in public without taking up a large amount of space. In high-speed mode the wheelbase lengthens to provide for better driving performance.

The i-Real comes with numerous safety features. If a collision with other drivers or pedestrians is about to occur, the I-Real will warn the driver by making a noise or vibrating.

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Toyota i-Real Concept Gallery:

Toyota i-Real Concept  Toyota i-Real Concept  Toyota i-Real Concept  

Toyota i-Real Concept  


Source: Toyota

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