Alfa Duetto coming back to the United States?

Alfa Duetto Teaser

While we’re pretty excited about Alfa Romeo finally confirming that they will offer a convertible variant for the 8C Competizione, it seems Alfa’s boss, Antonio Baravelle, is considering bringing the classic Alfa Duetto back to the U.S.

The Alfa Duetto first popped up on our highways when it made its famous debut in Dustin Hoffman’s 1967 flick “The Graduate.” The movie made the convertible so popular that Alfa even decided to name the car ‘Alfa Graduate’ in the U.S. Unfortunately the Duetto, or Graduate, ceased production in 1994 followed by Alfa disappearance.

But now Alfa Romeo is headed back to our shores with the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione which will debut in mid-2008. And even though Alfa will offer a convertible variant of the 8C and the Spider in late 2009, Baravelle wishes to add another soft-top to the company’s U.S. lineup.

He says he wants to add a convertible that will seat two; a “small, compact, very low, exactly like the Duetto was back then.” And since Alfa is headed back to the U.S. he says “he likes the idea of having a new version of the Duetto with which to celebrate.”

Our friends at have found a sketch on Alfa Romeo’s site which they believe to be a teaser for the Duetto.


Alfa Duetto Teaser:

Alfa Duetto Teaser 


Source: (via WorldCarFans)

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