Press: Chrysler to offer alternative-fuel versions of every model

Jim Press, who recently left Toyota for Chrysler taking the position of Vice Chairman and President, is saying that Chrysler plans to offer alternative-fuel versions of every model it makes. Speaking with The Detroit News, Press said that Chrysler “absolutely” expects to provide a hybrid or diesel variants of all their models.

Press did not offer a schedule for when this push will begin but said that Chrysler is working as fast as it can to catching to its Japanese competitors, Toyota and Honda. We wonder if Press brings over some hybrid secrets over from Toyota to Chrysler.

Press also mentioned that Chrysler’s new owner, Cerberus Capital Management, is committed to spending as much as it takes to develop powertrains that use less fuel.

Press, who was President and CEO of Toyota in North America, was recently the first non-Japanese man to join Toyota”s board of directors. Ending his 37 year term wit Toyota and taking the spot of Tom LaSorda, Press will now be responsible for North American Sales, International Sales, Global Marketing, Product Strategy, and Service and Parts for Chrysler.


Source: The Detroit News

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