Toyota: Battery needs won’t delay next-generation Prius

It’s been repeatedly reported that Toyota has decided to delay its next-generation Prius with lithium-ion batteries due to potential safety problems and the cost of production.

Well now a senior Toyota executive is brushing off the latest report made by Wall Street Journal that Toyota was delaying the next Prius by two years due to problems in developing the lithium-ion batteries.

The Toyota executive said that various innovations and advancements are being worked on for the next Prius and that lithium-ion batteries aren’t the only cause for the delay. While he admitted that lithium-ion batteries have not yet been perfected, he said the battery type is preferred over the current nickel-metal batteries used in hybrids due to weight concerns.

Prior to delaying the next-generation Prius, Toyota was planning to unveil at least a dozen new redesigned hybrids in the United States between 2008 and 2011. Those plans have now been delayed.

GM on the other hand has already teamed up with A123 Systems Inc. in order to produce lithium-ion batteries for its E-Flex hybrid powertrain that will be used in the upcoming Chevrolet Volt. GM hopes to have the Volt running and testing by Spring of 2008.


Source: CNNMoney

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