Suzuki at 2007 Tokyo Motor Show: PIXY + SSC, X-HEAD and Kizashi 2

Suzuki at 2007 Tokoyo Motor Show: PIXY + SSC, X-HEAD and Kizashi 2

Since we didn’t give you enough stuff to drool over this Thursday, we decided why not provide you with some auto news on Saturday. So here it goes. Suzuki will be unveiling 3 concepts at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show including the Suzuki PIXY + SSC, X-HEAD and the Kizashi 2.

Suzuki X-HEAD: According to Suzuki’s Japanese press release, this HUMMER rival looking concept will appeal to a variety of lifestyles. Suzuki says the X-HEAD is for the off-roader, the camper, the life saver and the fashion freaks, although we think you would looked pretty stupid rolling around in this thing thinking you’re cool.

PIXY + SSC: This two part concept consists of the PIXY, which is a low-speed single-person ride and a part of Suzuki’s ‘SUSTAINABLE MOBILITY.’ The SSC is a low-speed “portable tool” for the PIXY. Yes, the two little PIXY’s fit inside this big SSC which works as a docking station.

Suzuki Kizashi 2: A sequel to the Suzuki Kizashi shown at Frankfurt earlier this month, the Suzuki Kizashi 2 embodies a more off-roading style with a smaller grille. Power comes from a 3.6 liter V6 unit and according to the press release, a hybrid version will also be available.

Okay we did our best to translate this Japanese press release. Click through for some images.

Suzuki at 2007 Tokoyo Motor Show: PIXY + SSC, X-HEAD and Kizashi 2:

Kizashi 2 PIXY + SSC X-HEAD 

Source: Suzuki

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