Lexus IS-F hybrid and a plug-in model on the way?

According to Lexus General Manager Jim Farley, Lexus is in the process of studying to high-performance hybrids hoping to appeal to a market that wants something fast while being green.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, Farley said that Lexus “may build such gasoline-electric models to reach enthusiast groups outside its core market.”

Farley said Lexus is just waiting to see how consumers react to GM’s plug-in Volt and the Tesla hybrid sports car that promises an all-electric range of 245 miles.

Could this mean a Lexus IS-F hybrid may be on the way? We really don’t know how well a high-performing hybrid will do fuel-economy wise. Not to mention all of Lexus’ current hybrids, GS 450h, RX400h and the LS 600h, all showed up of Forbes Top 10 Least Fuel-Efficient Hybrids.

Farley also hinted at a plug-in Lexus hybrid with an extended electric range that could use a “super-efficient’ version of Toyota’s current hybrid system.”


Source: Bloomberg