Funny Friday: Volkswagen Golf TDI ‘Toy’ commercial

Funny Friday: Volkswagen Golf TDI 'Toy' commercial

In a continuous effort to differentiate ourselves from other auto blogs, we keep thinking of new ways to keep you locked in and keep you coming back for more. So today we’re introducing a new category called ‘Friday Funny’. Friday Funny will consist of funny things that happen throughout the auto world. For instance, funny commercials or another story on Hyundai hoping to take on Lexus, Mercedes or BMW.

So today we bring you our first ever Friday Funny. Here is a commercial by Volkswagen that depicts the power of a Golf TDI.

Click through to watch the video. Oh and let us know what you think of this new category in the comments section below.

Translation for the German Words at the end.

More Performance. Less consumption.

With FSI and TDI

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