Toyota says September sales may not rise in U.S.

We guess if you’re already the best in the industry and have an outstanding track record it’s a bit difficult to top yourself. According to Toyota’s Executive Vice President, Mitsuo Kinoshita, Toyota’s September sales in the U.S. might be tough to top since it had a huge spike the same month in 2006.

“We had an especially strong month last September, with growth of around 25 percent, so it may be difficult for sales to rise,” Executive Vice President Mitsuo Kinoshita told a group of reporters.

While that may suck and despite the weaker overall market for cars, Toyota is expecting to see a significant rise in the full calendar year of 2007.

Toyota’s adjusted U.S. sales fell in July for the first time in almost three years, mainly due to the fact that it couldn’t live up to its record from 2006. Same thing happened in August.

In Japan, Toyota expects to see sales grow in September from the previous year in result of new product launches since June, including the Blade, Vanguard and the new Mark X Zio.


Source: Reuters

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