Bugatti to produce a cheaper car, but not that cheap

Bugatti to produce a cheaper car, but not that cheap

Bugatti is one of the fastest brand names in the automobile industry and one of the most exclusive car producers of all time. But now the Volkswagen owned company is ready to get a little inclusive.

As the company looks at its future after Veyron, senior managers are starting to realize that it would be a smart move to offer a second model at a more reasonable price. When the 1001 horsepower Bugatti Veyron 16.4 first reached full scale production in September 2005, the company hoped to sell at least one Veyron a week.

Since sales of the $1.4 million Veyron have been sluggish, the higher-ups at Volkswagen have ordered a shake-up. But don’t get too happy if you’re dreaming of sitting in a Bugatti. This means that the next Bugatti may just come in at something around $1 million even.

Franz-Josef Paefgen, Bugatti’s and Bentley’s CEO assures us that “…there will be no smaller Bugatti. If a second car comes to market, it will be in the same market segment as the current (1000-horsepower) car.”

“It will be extremely exclusive, with lifetime volumes in the hundreds, not thousands, Paefgen told The Car Connection in an interview.

While there may be a huge market for Bugatti to take on the likes of the Ferrari F430 or Mercedes-Benz SLR, Bugatti will leave that segment up to Bentley. No matter what happens Bugatti will remain true to its exclusive, ultra-fast and ultra-expensive cars.


Source: The Car Connection

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