Bentley to lose weight and get greener

Bentley to go lose weight and get greener

Sales of Bentley”s lowest-priced models such as the Continental GT, Flying Spur and the GTC Convertible are still going strong. The Bentley Continental GT Coupe has allowed Bentley to have most of the sales of ultra-luxury cars in the United States leaving behind competitors such as the Maybach and BMW”s Rolls-Royce.

Besides just thinking of rapid growth, Bentley officials now have two things on their mind. As all the auto makers shift towards producing greener and lighter cars, Bentley is also going back to the drawing board for what could be a sharp shift for the brand’s design and engineering direction.

“We’ve been focusing on building a solid, profitable, sustainable business,” Stuart McCullough, the man many expect to eventually run the firm told “It’s not necessarily about volume, but about growing the business in a sensible way.”

The Bentley Arnage will get a total redesign for 2010. U.S. sales are likely to begin in 2011. When Bentley engineers go back to the drawing board for the next Arnage, they may use lighter components, rather than produce a gas guzzling luxury car.

According to CEO Franz-Josef Paefgen, it’s time that Bentley things about changing its philosophy from building large and heavy cars with a lot of power.


Source: TheCarConnection

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