Spy Video: Ferrari Dino hits the Nurburgring

Spy Video: Ferrari Dino hits the Nurburgring

Ferrari chairman, Luca di Montezemolo, has said over and over again that “we are not developing a “˜cheap” Ferrari.” However, new spy shots and new information seems to keep popping up. Here is the latest video of what spies say is the Ferrari Dino hitting up the Nurburgring for some high-speed testing.

If the Ferrari Dino is produced, it is expected to carry a V8 engine that produces somewhere in the range of 400 horsepower. It is said that Ferrari will most likely start with a coupe variant followed by a spider (convertible). Insiders tell WorldCarFans that Ferrari will produce 4,000 Dinos annually, with pricing expected to be between 100-110,000 Euros. The Ferrari Dino is expected to hit roads in 2009.

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Source: WorldCarFans

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