Tuner Cars: HAMANN Lamborghini Gallardo Victory with 520hp

Lamborghini Gallardo Victory

HAMANN unveiled their Lamborghini Gallardo Victory last week at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Making the already beastly car more aggressive, HAMANN added their Victory wide-body kit along with a few performance upgrades.

HAMANN’s Victory wide-body kit consists of a new front apron, front spoiler, an adjustable Cup racing-spoiler lip, fender extensions, wide body-side sills, a new rear apron, a four part rear wing, a rear diffuser and an air scoop on the roof.

The HAMANN engineers reprogrammed the ECU and added a new exhaust system extracting an additional 20 horsepower from the Lamborghini Gallardo for a total of 520.

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Lamborghini Gallardo Victory Gallery:

Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  

Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  Lamborghini Gallardo Victory  

Press Release:

Wide temptation
The HAMANN Lamborghini Gallardo “Victory”

    * spectacular wide body-version “Victory” / Wing doors
    * power upgrade through reprogramming of the ECU and/ornew exhaust system
    * alloy wheel program with highlight “žEdition Race” in 20″ and Hankook tyres
    * sports brake system

Lamborghini ““ the brand is synonymous with sporty automobile pleasure for the street. And when you see the Gallardo, you also know why. 520 hp is at work inside this attractive and, most importantly, airflow-optimized body. For owners, who think it leaves not enough impression on its beholders, can order the brandnew wide HAMANN body-kit “Victory”, making the Gallardo the ultimate head turner. Various HAMANN power upgrades promise better perfomance.

Wider alternative “Victory”

Already the first impression of the HAMANN Lamborghini Gallardo “Victory” indicates that this is hardly a standard model. The eradicatively changeed look which is provided by the new HAMANN-made wide body-kit easily outpaces the series model. The kit goes by the name of “Victory” and represents the newest coup from HAMANN for the Lamborghini Gallardo. The kit consists of a wide body-version front apron characterised by a HAMANN front spoiler and an adjustable Cup racing-spoiler lip. HAMANN fender extensions are mainly responsible for the the beefy appearance. Perfectly matched are also wide body-side sills and a new rear apron. A four part rear wing is working together with a rear diffuser to achieve better downforce values. An air scoop on the roof finally rounds off the racing looks.

Thanks to the comprehensive aerodynamic components, the HAMANN Lamborghini Gallardo makes a clearly sportier, more individual and more exclusive impression.