This is what freedom is all about: Autobahn turns 75

This is what freedom is all about: Autobahn turns 75

This week the Autobahn, one of the first highway systems in the world, turned 75 on September 18, 2007. The idea for the Autobahn first came about during the days of the Weimar Republic in 1929, but construction was halted by World War II in 1943.

When Adolf Hitler took power in January 1933, he embraced the ambitious Autobahn construction project. After passing a couple of laws and appointing some head to oversee construction, over 100,000 laborers began working on construction sites all over Germany.

After World War II, construction resumed in the 1950s by the West German government. It wasn’t until the Americans freed Germany and recommended a speed-limit of 80 mph on the Autobahn. Later the speed-limit was dropped and drivers were allowed to go as fast as they want.

As Frederik Pleitgen of CNN, “To many Germans, this is what freedom is all about.”


Check out a Frederik Pleitgen’s coverage on Autobahn 75th Anniversary.

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