Spy Shots: 6 Porsche Panameras spotted in Colorado

Spy Shots: Porsche Panamera in Colorado

Jalopnik reader John was at a conference at the Keystone Inn in Keystone, Colorado, when he noticed a bunch of German engineers hanging out in the garage along with 6 Porsche Panameras. John got off about 4 shots of the sighting.

From what we previously know, the long 5 meter Porsche Panamera will share a lot with Cayenne including the 4×4″s suspension, brakes, body structure and engines. That means that the 5 meter long Porsche Panamera will use the same 4.8 liter V8 from the Cayenne which produces 400 horsepower.You can extract 500 horsepower if you go for the turbocharged variant which will give you the ability to do 0-60 mph in 4.2 seconds. There will also be hybrid variant, confirmed by Porsche.

According to Porsche, the Porsche Panamera will take off its camouflage clothes at the 2009 Frankfurt Auto Show.

Spy Shots: Porsche Panamera in Colorado

Spy Shots: Porsche Panamera in Colorado Spy Shots: Porsche Panamera in Colorado 

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