Cadillac hopes to avoid ‘one-hit wonders’ with 2008 CTS

“We all know plenty of examples of ‘one-hit wonders’ in literature, music, cinema, and, yes, even in car design. When the time came to redesign the original Cadillac CTS, the design team wanted to steer clear of this syndrome.” Those are the words of John Manoogian, Director of Exterior Design at Cadillac.

Writing over at GM’s FastLane Blog, Manoogian admits that the Cadillac design team was under a lot of pressure when it came time to redesign the Cadillac CTS for the 2009 model year run. “…there was a lot of competition,” says Manoogian. “It”s said that competition improves the breed. Well, I am convinced it certainly raised the bar for the CTS design.”

And we definitely agree. The 2008 Cadillac CTS has become the most beautifully designed car in its segment. While staying true to its sharp-edged design, the 2008 Cadillac took it a step further with a huge grille that demands a double-take.

Manoogian says that he a received many different design proposals from England, California and the Advanced Design and Production Design in Michigan. Cadillac started off with 11 scale models that sized down to five full-size clay models. Cadillac then went to its customers for the final approval, from which the design you see today came about.

Of course while Manoogian and his team put in a lot of sweat and blood into designing the 2008 Cadillac CTS, he admits that is up to the public to make the final decision.

“Ultimately, it”s the buying public that will decide if we at GM Design were able to break the “one-hit wonder” curse.”

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Source: FastLane Blog

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