Japan Report: Nissan considering next sports-car

Japan Report: Nissan considering next rear-drive sports-car

Yes we know that you’re all very excited to see the Nissan GT-R next month at the Tokyo Motor Show. But while you guys are focused on the GT-R, Nissan has ideas for another sports car on the table. They just haven’t decided on which one.

While the product development heads at Nissan are thinking of putting a production version of the Urge out on the road, other executives are thinking of bringing back the rear-wheel-drive 240SX/Silvia.

Also on the table is the Foria, a compact 2+2 coupe concept targeted at customers looking for performance and elegance.

According to WindingRoad, a decision is on the way next year. Whatever Nissan decides to make, it will go in production by 2010.


Source: WindingRoad

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