Audi’s American Future: R8 with V10, new small crossover

Audi's American Future: R8 with V10, new crossover smaller than the Q5

The folks over at WindingRoad had the pleasure to sit down with Audi of America’s executive vice president, Johan de Nysschen, for a one-on-one interview. Throughout their convo with de Nysschen, WindingRoad learned of some exciting forthcoming product developments for Audi’s push in the United States.

First on the list, de Nysschen discussed Audi’s plans to venture into the four-door-coupe segment some time before 2010. The unnamed car, which has been known as the A7, will be priced between the A6 and A8 and will go head-to-head with the Mercedes-Benz CLS. Nice, we knew that already.

So what was new from the VP of Audi of America? Well remember the Cross Coupe Quattro Concept, de Nysschen says that the concept has nothing to do with the upcoming Audi Q5. Instead, the concept outlines a crossover coupe that will fit under the Q5 in size.

When WindingRoad asked about the upcoming R8, de Nysschen confirmed all the dreams we’ve been having of V10 model. He said that plans are on the table and the V10 will carry the same ‘R8’ name as the V8 model, indicating that the model name has nothing to do with the engine size. de Nysschen also said that no convertible or diesel variant has been signed off by the executives in Germany.

Concerning the A4, de Nysschen said that the U.S. won’t see the newly design A4 until next September. While we’re talking about the disappointing time-table of the A4, the diesel Q7 for America has also been delayed until early 2009. It was originally set to arrive in 2008.

Source: WindingRoad

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