Study: Drivers waste an entire week in traffic every year

Study: Drivers waste an entire week in traffic every year

According to a national study released today the nation’s drivers hung out in traffic for a total of 4.2 billion hours in 2005, up from previous years. That means divers supposedly waste nearly an entire work week each year sitting in traffic on the way to and from their jobs.

The study also estimated that drivers wasted 2.9 billion gallons of fuel while sitting in traffic. Together with the lost time, traffic jams and delays cost the U.S. $78.2 billion.

Even while people are car pooling to save on gas, about three-quarters of all commuters drive alone to work.

The study found that the Los Angeles metro area had the worst traffic congestion, causing drivers an average of 72 hours a year. Los Angeles was followed by Atlanta, San Francisco, Washington and Dallas.

The study offers basic options for addressing the problem, including adding roads or lanes where needed, improving public transportation, changing driving times through flexible work schedules and of course carpooling.


Source: CNNMoney

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