Japan Report: Honda Civic Mugen RR sold out in 10 minutes

Honda Civic Mugen RR

According to Carview, the Honda Civic Mugen RR, which is limited to a 300 production run, sold out in 10 minutes. The car went on sale September 14 at 9:00 am local time in Japan and by 9:10 all 300 reservations were placed.

Based on the Honda Civic Type R, the Mugen RR sheds an additional 22 pounds of the standard Civic Type R weighing in at a total of 2,733 pounds. The Civic Mugen RR also gets an additional 15 horsepower for a total of 240 horsepower. The car completed the Japan’s Tsukuba circuit in 1:06:68.

Pricing for the Honda Civic Mugen RR was set at ¥4,777,500 ($38,750). Deliveries of the car begin in January of 2008.

Click through for the images and a video of the Mugen RR at the Tsukuba Circuit.

Honda Civic Mugen RR Gallery:

Honda Civic Mugen RR  Honda Civic Mugen RR  Honda Civic Mugen RR  

Honda Civic Mugen RR  Honda Civic Mugen RR  



Video: Honda Civiv Mugen RR at Japan’s Tsukuba Circuit:


Source: Carview (via AutoBlog)

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