Tuner Cars: HAMANN Thunder 3-Series coupe with 560 horsepower

HAMANN Thunder BMW 3-Series Coupe

German tuner HAMANN unveiled their latest creation, Thunder, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Based on the 2008 BMW M3, HAMANN dropped the M V10 engine, that produces 500 horsepower, under the hood. HAMANN engineers then tuned the engine to produce 560 horsepower.

The performance upgrades give the HAMANN Thunder the ability to go from 0-62 mph in 4.3 seconds with a top speed of 208 mph.

HAMANN also added a range of aerodynamic accessories to Thunder as well. The changes are available on the 3-Series coupes starting with 325i, 330i, 335i through the M3.

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HAMANN Thunder BMW 3-Series Coupe Gallery:

HAMANN Thunder BMW 3-Series Coupe  HAMANN Thunder BMW 3-Series Coupe  HAMANN Thunder BMW 3-Series Coupe  

HAMANN Thunder BMW 3-Series Coupe  


Press Release:

World premier: HAMANN “Thunder”
Imposing V10 modification for BMW 3-Series coupe

    * Engine exchange for M V10 with 560 PS and 574 Nm!
    * Sophisticated M3 look including HAMANN components starting with 325i
    * Sports brake system front and rear
    * 20-inch wheels Edition “Race” with Hankook high performance tires
    * Interior refinement with sports steering wheel, SMG paddles, carbon  décor and racing sports seats

Is the 3-Series coupe not sporty enough? Too unspectacular? Engine too weak? HAMANN, one the most experienced and competent references for the challenging BMW tuning takes a crowning moment with its BMW E92 modification program for the coupe, that changed both exterior and interior design as well as underneath the hood beyond recognition. The awe-inspiring coupe answers to the perfectly matched name “Thunder”!

Most powerful through potent V10

HAMANN thought wherever a V8 engine can fit, a V10 can fit in as well and look,  voilá it fits! The BMW 3-Series coupe comes with a whole array of series-produced engines. The most powerful series-made of these is the M3.  When it rolls off the assembly line, it has a 4-litre engine, 420 hp and 400 Nm torque. Whoever wants to top these performance characteristics, receives from  HAMANN not only the “normal” V10 out of the BMW M-program, but an advanced performance version with 560 hp /412 kW (at 7.750 U/min) as well!  Featuring an impressive 574 Nm of torque at 6.100 U/min, it delivers a surge of  power through a seven-speed manual SMG transmission resulting that most passengers are shocked groping for something to hang on to during acceleration. The sprint takes 4,3 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h. Only upon reaching top speed of 335 km/h does this transmission begin to meet its limitation in compulsion to move forwards.

HAMANN sport catalysts provide one with a clear conscience. A HAMANN four-pipe sports rear muffler with four round tailpipes bears the right to the perfect name “Thunder” matching acoustically. The four stainless steel pipes, each 76 mm in diameter, make the rear end of this coupe even more attractive and create a goose-bump producing sound. 

M3-look plus HAMANN components

Such a power-operated modified 3-Series coupe can linger as an understatement or embark enroute directly to HAMANNs aerodynamic  department.  There this muscle car receives a complete M3-look kit including a carbon car roof. A HAMANN front spoiler reduces lift even more effectively.  In back the same is accomplished with a HAMANN rear diffuser.

Sports brake system ““ just in case

Whatever looks tremendously fast, generally is driven tremendously fast. As HAMANN takes safety close to heart, each “Thunder” receives a sports brake system front and back. It consists of two slotted and ventilated brake disks (front 405×43 mm / rear 380×28 mm), 2 HAMANN fixed brake callipers  (six-piston front, four-piston rear) and special brake pads.

Wheels in 20-inch

Wheels in 20-inch size match best to modified “Thunder”. HAMANN offers this size with design “Edition Race”. The appearance of this three pieced, ultra-lightweight, forged rim  in cross-spoke design with black spider is characterized by 9 main spokes, each branching outwards into two further spokes. Next to this striking, exciting design the titanium bolts are particular attention getters. Icing to the cake is the elegant looking high-gloss polished rim flange. Applied in front, this wheel comes in 8,5Jx20 with tires in 10,5Jx20-inch. Rear end of the 560 hp “Thunder” is carried across asphalt in tires 325/25 ZR20.

HAMANN equips the “Thunder” with S1 EVO high performance tires from technology partners HANKOOK.

Racing atmosphere in Cockpit

With its interior design too, HAMANN leaves no question of its bond to motor racing sports. During high speeds around the corners, the driver is comfortably supported with light-weight constructed racing sport seats. With a HAMANN sports steering wheel designed in carbon components, Formula 1 feelings come  through. The complete sports racing look  is finished with a total carbon interior décor design providing a race track ring atmosphere.

All listed modifications from engine changes, to aerodynamics, brakes, wheels and interior designs are undertaken by HAMANN for all gas engine 3-Series coupes starting with 325i, 330i, 335i through the M3.

Source: HAMANN

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