Half-a-dozen Mercedes alternative-fuel cars coming to U.S.

Half-a-dozen Mercedes alternative-fuel cars coming to U.S.

Mercedes unveiled a total of 18 alternative-fuel cars at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week. According to Klaus Mair, executive vice president of sales and marketing at the Mercedes Car Group, 17 of the models unveiled at Frankfurt will go into production by 2010, a half-dozen or more will come the U.S.

Mercedes-Benz’s first hybrids, the ML450 and the S 400, will go on sale in the United States by 2009. But before that Mercedes-Benz will launch clean-diesel versions of the GL and ML SUVs and the R-class.

According to Mair, the E 320 Bluetec passenger car, which is currently sold in 42 states, will be redesigned in 2010 and will meet emissions requirements in 50 states.

Alternative-power versions of the Smart could also make their way to the U.S. Smart has begun trial of 100 electric Smart ForTwo cars in London and is planning for the trial to be extended to the United States.

Mercedes Car Group will offer Europe a hybrid Smart ForTwo this fall, along with diesel hybrid versions of the E and S class in 2010.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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