Tuner Cars: Edo Porsche 997 GT2 R based on the 911 GT2

Edo Porsche 997 GT2 R

Tuner Edo has updated their Edo 996 GT2 R with the latest version of the 911 GT2. Since the Edo 996 GT2 R was already modified in the areas of brakes, suspension, engine, transmission, aerodynamics, exhaust system, interior, wheels/tires and light-weight windows.

Edo has now added a new conversion kit made from ultra-light carbon fiber. The kit includes a new front skirt, radiator air inlets, brake cooling ducts, front fenders modified and widened, fender liners, mesh inserts front and rear, front lip spoiler in carbon fiber, modified fuel filler door, Litronic headlight kit.

The Edo Porsche 997 is powered by a 6-cylinder with twin-turbochargers producing a total of 542 horsepower. That gives it the ability to do 0-60 in 3.8 seconds, which some how is slower than 3.6 seconds it takes the regular 911 GT2. Top speed is 205 mph.

Edo Porsche 997 GT2 R Gallery:

Edo Porsche 997 GT2 R  Edo Porsche 997 GT2 R  Edo Porsche 997 GT2 R  Edo Porsche 997 GT2 R  Edo Porsche 997 GT2 R  


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