Teaser: Land Rover Landie Crossover (Sharpened Image)

Land Rover Landie

While Land Rover had nothing big show up at this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show, the company did show a teaser of a long-rumored Landie. The Land Rover Landie is expected to be a low-priced crossover that will fit below the Freelander.

The concept version of the Land Rover Landie is expected to debut at the Detroit Auto Show, so we’ll have to wait a couple of months before we see the real thing. What we do know is that the Landie will be slotted beneath the Freelander with pricing in the £20k range.

While the image presented by Land Rover was a bit blury, we went ahead and sharpened it up to give you a better look.

Phil Popham, managing director of Land Rover, also confirmed that Land Rover will launch its first stop-start technology in 2009. The technology will appear on the manual TD4 versions of the Freelander cutting emissions down my 7 percent.

Click through to see the sharper image of the Landie.

Land Rover Landie Teaser:

Land Rover Landie Land Rover Landie


Source: CarMagazine

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