Zetsche: Daimler has no plans for taking over BMW

Damiler’s CEO, Dieter Zetsche, told a German magazine that he would be open to work together with BMW to develop an engine. “I would not exclude such cooperation, if it makes sense for both sides,” Dieter Zetsche told Der Spiegel magazine in an interview.

Zetsche also confirmed that Daimler has no plans of taking over BMW. Reported last week, a Mercedes executive who spoke with German magazine Auto Motor und Sport, a partnership with BMW could be in the works. Zetsche said that the takeover of BMW by Daimler that almost happened decades ago would not have been good for either company.

The two are also reported on working on Mercedes-Benz’s new subcompact car. Previously reported, by the end of July, the two companies are expected to make a decision on whether to build the next generation Mercedes A-Class on BMW”s Mini platform.

The two currently share hybrid components and technology in order to develop premium hybrids for their lineup within the next three years.

Zetsche said that Daimler is talking to a number of companies about joint projects but has made no decisions.

Source: Automotive News (Subcscription Required)

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