Video: Mercedes F700 Concept Revealed!

Video: Mercedes F700 Concept Revealed!

Mercedes announced the new F 700 Concept car that will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show last week. Well you don’t have to wait any longer to see it. A short video has popped up on YouTube showing the Mercedes team preping the car for a debut later this week at the Frankfurt show.

The F 700 with its innovative DIESOTTO and hybrid drive has fuel economy of 44 mpg which is equivalent to CO2 emissions of just 127 grams per kilometre.

Mercedes says that the F 700 Concept car is a “luxury saloon with compact-car fuel consumption.” Mercedes also said the fuel cell cars will enter series production from 2010. Official pictures and press release will be coming later this week

Click through for the video.


Source: Leftlane News

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