Toyota: Lexus and Toyota “fun to drive” sports car in the works

Toyota: Lexus and Toyota sports car in the works

Toyota is saying that it wants to try to get back in to the sports car segments as the current MRS two-seater ends its product life cycle

“We used to have a lot of sports cars, but not anymore,” Kazuo Okamoto, executive vice president for r&d. “So now we want to try it again.”

Okamoto speaking last month about Toyota’s midterm business plan, said that Toyota has plans to launch more “appealing products” that are “fun to drive.” He added that the strategy will involve the “development of a new sports model.”

Okamoto also showed a slide show revealing a Lexus sports car along with two other concept cars with aerodynamic noses, slung-back drivers’ cockpits and tapered tails. Once car had the Toyota logo on its hood.

Previously reported, Toyota is planning on resurrecting the old AE86. The car will weigh under 1,000 kgs and will be powered by a 1.5 liter 2NZ-FE that may produce 120 horsepower.

However, Okamoto said that there were no strict plans to put the cars into concept or production form as of yet.

The MR2 which began selling in 1984 and retired earlier this year. Other Toyota sports models included the Celica, which was killed in 2006, and the Supra, that lived from 1978 to 2002.


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