GM dealers tamper with customer satisfaction surveys

GM dealers tamper with customer satisfaction surveys

GM is tossing the results of recent customer satisfaction surveys after dealers admitted to lie about their responses. The outcome could cost some dealerships their quarterly bonuses.

Customers who get surveyed include new buyers or those who submit factory warranty claims. By meeting sales records and scoring high on dealership surveys, dealers get quarterly cash incentives that can hit six figures.

GM says it is making “appropriate adjustments” to third-quarter survey scores “to reflect interference.” Spokeswoman, Susan Garontakos, told Automotive News that the interference “was not widespread.” However she would not say how many dealerships were involved.

Dealers are saying that tampering with the surveys occurs due to the high-pressure of losing quarterly bonuses where a dealer can lose the bonus if it falls a fraction of a percentage point below its prescribed score.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Requird)

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