BREAKING NEWS: Jim Press leaves Toyota for Chrysler

BREAKING NEWS: Jim Press leaves Toyota for Chrysler

Jim Press, Toyota’s to man in the United States, has left Toyota for Chrysler. Chrysler’s new CEO, Robert Nardelli, today announced that James Press will be taking the position of as Vice Chairman and President.

Press, who was President and CEO of Toyota in North America, was recently the first non-Japanese man to join Toyota’s board of directors. Ending his 37 year term wit Toyota and taking the spot of Tom LaSorda, Press will now be responsible for North American Sales, International Sales, Global Marketing, Product Strategy, and Service and Parts for Chrysler.

LaSorda however will still be responsible for manufacturing and suppliers, while Press will be responsible for sales and marketing, product strategy and service and parts. Both of the guys will report to Nardelli.

“Part of my new responsibilities will be strengthening and energizing the dealer body,” Press said in a statement. “This is something I was passionate about at Toyota and will be passionate about at Chrysler.”

Toyota has named Shigeru Hayakawa to replace Press. Toyota’s board is, once again, all Japanese.


Source: Chrysler

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