Good Lord that’s a lotta money! The $14.3 million Rolls Royce auction

We’ve heard of those rich folks who cashed out up to $1.6 million or even $2 million at auctions to own a Phantom Drophead Coupe before it hits road. We don’t understand why they would spend millions instead of just waiting to purchase one for $412,000 when it hits dealerships, but that’s maybe because we’re not filthy rich.

Well after reading this, those $1.6 million and $2million auctions may seem like chump change to you. At the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance auction in California last month, seller Richard Solove put up 13 Rolls Royces on the auction block. One buyer, John O’ Quinn, bought eight cars from Solove including all of the Silver Ghosts besides one.

John plans to exhibit the cars in a new car museum he expects to open in Houston, Texas in 2009. His collection currently includes a 1903 Ford Model A, the Batmobile and cars used by Franklin Roosevelt and Pope John Paul II.

Solove raked up a total of $14.3 million which was just under the $15 million he hoped to get for his 13 Rolls Royces.


Source: Luxist (via Automotive Blogs)

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