Saab’s Future: Redesigned 9-3 in 2010, new mid-sized crossover for 2009

Saab remains a strong brand in the U.S., with sales totaling 36,349 last year. However the GM, owned brand has dreams to play in the big-league with its newly updated vehicles as well as new vehicles in the lineup to help it compete against luxury rivals.

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9-3: The new 2008 9-3 will hit dealerships this month with a starting price of $28,385, adopting a theme from the Aero X concept. The 9-3 will be re-engineered and redesigned for 2010 and will be developed on GM’s front-drive Epsilon 2 vehicle architecture.

9-5: The sedan and wagon will be redesigned, switching to the Epsilon 2 platform for 2009.

9-4X: Saab is working a small crossover to compete with the X3 and GLK. The crossover will debut in 2009.

Mid-sized crossover: While GM failed to boost Saab sales with the Chevy TrailBrazer based 9-7X, and the 9-2X, GM thinks a new mid-sized crossover will help boost sales. The car is planned for 2009 or 2010.

9-7X: The 9-7X could be dropped next year.


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