Land Rover’s Future: No major changes to lineup until Ford finds buyer

As Ford tries to sell Land Rover, any product development in the pipeline is on hold. While a new LR2 did arrive in April, the Range Rover and LR3 are aging and whoever buys Land Rover has a lot of developmental cost coming their way.

Not to mention, that if Land Rover and Jaguar are sold to the same buyer, the two will have to share a development cost. Now unless someone aggressive takes over Land Rover, expect at least a couple of years before you see major changes to Land Rover’s lineup.

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LR2: Sales of the new LR2 began in April where it replaced the Freelander.

LR3: No major changed to the LR3 are expected until 2016. The current Land Rover doesn’t have money to develop a redesign and the new owner is not expected to do it right away.

Range Rover: The redesign to Land Rover’s flagship SUV has been delayed until Ford finds a buyer. Although a facelift is expected in 2009. A new lighter weight platform is expected when the two are redesigned.

Range Rover Sport: The Sport won’t move from the T5 platform onto the new lightweight platform until at least two years after the base Range Rover is redesigned. A dramatic restyling is possible for 2010 so it can compete better with the new X5.


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