Ford to drop Lincoln Mark LT

The Lincoln Mark LT, which was just introduced¬†in 2005 for a 2006 model year, is being scratched off Lincoln’s lineup. The successor to the Lincoln Blackwood is being planned to be dropped after the 2008 model year after sluggish sales.

Lincoln had a target of 20,000 units for 2006, but the Mark LT disappointed the company with only 12,753.

“It’s history,” a source with knowledge of the decision told Automotive News. “If you want to buy one, you’d better hurry up. You’re not going to see it after ’08.”

While the Lincoln pickup was due for a major update along with the F-150, Ford decided to allocate the development budget to cars and crossovers, where Lincoln seems to be having some success.

The Lincoln Mark LT sold only 28,117 units up until July 2007.

Source: Automotive News

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