VW to debut six BlueMotion variants at Frankfurt

Along with the new Golf BlueMotion, Volkswagen will debut an additional five BlueMotion variants at Frankfurt. The Touran, the Jetta, the Golf Variant wagon, the Golf Plus and the Caddy, will all carry the BlueMotion badge, sources told Automobilwoche.

Besides the Touran, all the Bluemotion variants are expected to hit the dealerships in the beginning of 2008. The Volkswagen Touran BlueMotion will hit the market in April.

The all-new Volkswagen Golf Bluemotion, which will hit dealerships this year, will use 4.5 liter of diesel per 100 kilometers (in US lango that means 52mpg). The Golf BlueMotion is powered by a 105 horsepower TDI engine has reduced CO2 emissions from 135 g/km to 119 g/km.

The source also told Autmobilwoche that the 300 horsepower Passat R36 will be delayed until November. The delay is said to be caused by “technical reasons,” denying reports that Volkswagen was pulling the car due to the green theme at Frankfurt.


Source: Automotive News (Subscription Required)

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